My company sent me to Russia for a couple of years to help developing our business. When I arrived in Moscow, I hardly spoke any Russian. In order to understand the Russian people and the country, I had to start learning Russian. Strangely, there are not so many language schools in Moscow where you can follow Russian language courses in the evening. Hence, I quickly found language school Russian lab, located in the center of Moscow near Kropotkinskaya metro station. I am now returning to my home country and thanks to the patient, professional and friendly teachers at Russian lab, I passed the official test Russian as a foreign level language-certification level 1 (TRAF-1). I am now able to communicate in Russian, give presentations, read books, newspapers and journals, watch TV and listen to music. Without the good of Russian lab, I would not have achieved reaching this level and many hours of study would not have paid off. Therefore, I highly recommend any foreigner staying in Moscow to take Russian language lessons at Russian Lab.