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We offer preparation courses for all levels of the TORFL exam.
You can pass TORFL exam for Basic and TORFL-1 levels at our school.
Basic level – 6900 rub.
TORFL-1 level – 6900 rub.


The TORFL is specially designed for the foreign citizens and offers the opportunity to evaluate the level of Russian Language including all the aspects – grammar, lexicon, the ability to read and write and the communicative skills. TORFL helps to assess the preparation to establish contacts with Russian and Russian-speaking partners for successful study and /or business in Russia.
1. Russian language testing for foreign students.
2. Testing in Russian language for foreign citizens and persons without citizenship, necessary to be admitted to Russian citizenship.
3. Testing in Russian for the migrant workers, necessary for the work permit in Russian Federation.

There are six levels in the Russian Testing System. Each level is characterized by certain practical communicative skills in different areas of activity. The standard takes into consideration the communicative situation and factors affecting it. The test has personally oriented communicative objectives and their achievement.

Russian testing system for speakers of Russian as a foreign language includes:


Test of Russian as a Foreign Language, Elementary Level. The elementary level corresponds to the minimum level of communication competence, which enables the student to cope with elementary communicative tasks in the limited number of everyday situations.


Test of Russian as a Foreign Language, Basic Level. This level refers to the basic communicative competence enabling the student to handle basic communicative tasks in the limited number of social, everyday life, and cultural situations.


Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. First Certificate Level. If passed successfully, this certificate confirms that its holder can satisfy his/her main communicative needs in such spheres as everyday life, social activities, culture, education, and professional communication according to the state standard of ROFL. Obaining such a certificate is a prerequisite for entering Russian universities.


Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. Second Certificate Level. This certificate is corresponds to quite a high level of language competence, enabling the holder to manage efficient communication in all spheres of life necessary for a specialist in a relevant field: humanities (except for philology), engineering, natural sciences, etc. This certificate is required from graduates of Bachelor and Master degree programmes offered at Russian universities (except Bachelor and Master degree in Philology).


Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. Third Certificate Level. This advanced level refers to a higher language competence, which enables the student to manage efficient communication in all spheres of life, as well as carry out professional activities in the field of philology. To get a Bachelor of Philology diploma, it is required to pass this cetificate.


Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. Fourth Certificate Level. The holder of this certificate is considerd to possess highest language competence close to that of a native speaker. This certificate is necessary for obtaining a Master of Philology diploma of a Russian university; it gives the holder the right to practice any teaching, research or working activities in the field of the Russian language.

Each test consists of 5 sections.:
Section 1. Vocabulary and Grammar.
Section 2. Reading.
Section 3. Writing.
Section 4. Listening Comprehension.
Section 5. Speaking.
The total time to take the test is five hours and usually the exam takes place over two days. All the candidates get the consultation on the test procedure for free.
For additional information about the timetable and exam costs please contact us.