… “What to say about RussianLab? Well, I came in on Tuesday at 5 p.m and my intensive class started next day at 10 a.m! Not to mention the high quality of teaching, very motivated teachers, nice classrooms, good learning materials and great atmosphere – but Katja and Elena are really the heart of RussianLab”.

… “I have greatly enjoyed my studies at RussianLab. It is a warm, friendly learning environment. I am very pleased with my Russian teacher, Svetlana. We have a great rapport and I enjoy learning Russian with her… “

…”I would like to underline not only the effective and efficient way in conducting the lessons, but also the friendly atmosphere and hospitality that make the difficult task of improving our Russian knowledge level a really enjoying time period тут of our hard working day!”

…”I have to say that I was impressed by the quality of service offered by your institution. Your friendly and uncomplicated attention made me feel always welcome. The facilities offer a relaxed environment and an excellent atmosphere to study and learn without distractions. The place is always clean, well illuminated, and well equipped.” Regarding my […]

…”I would recommend the RussianLab as a unique and comprehensive approach to learning the Russian language…”

…”Both teachers are very reliable and kept me motivated at any time. On my request they supported additional material so that I was able to concentrate on my areas for improvement. I appreciate the overall approach very much and hope to get a first level certificate latest end of 2008″

… ” As a British businessman working in Moscow finding a good language school was a priority and following a few bad experiences found RussianLab via the internet. From first contact with their Principal Elena Nikifirova every effort has been made to be positive, helpful and realistic in achieving the objective of learning to communicate […]

….”Я очень люблю составлять списки. Как только я начинаю новую жизнь, то первым делом обновляю список ДЕЛ-КОТОРЫЕ-ИЗМЕНЯТ-МОЮ-ЖИЗНЬ. Выучить английский — входит в горячую десятку. Уже который год. Я делала ЭТО экономными способами (самоучители), интеллектуальными (книги), продвинутыми (25-ый кадр, обучение во сне и пр.), и даже занималась индивидуально-интенсивно (общение с экспатами). Результаты с каждым годом становились […]

I have really enjoyed studying in Russianlab’s welcoming atmosphere. The teachers are friendly, explain points clearly and patiently, and give confidence in getting to grips with the language.

Russian is not the easiest language to study, especially for diplomats and expats who have to cope with the heavy workload and traffic of a busy center like Moscow. Russian Lab is the place which somehow met all my expectations: Friendly and professional staff who make sure you receive what you expect from your studies, […]

I have been working in Russia now for the last 9 months and during this time I have had two failed attempts at improving my limited Russian. Russianlab was recommended to me by a colleague and I started lessons with them 4 months ago after completing their on-line test. I have been very impressed by […]

I’ve chosen RussianLab for a combination of reasons, which fits to my needs: – Starting Russian learning from zero, I was looking for a one to one training., – I needed to build basis as fast as possible, meaning with a minimum number of lessons, to be able to ask / to answer few simple […]

I studied in several Russian Language Centers in Moscow and Russian Lab is the best by far among them.Management Department is always friendly and helpful and language teaching methods very effective and applicable.I recommend Russian Lab to anyone who is looking to take serious Russian Language Course in a very friendly atmosphere.

Russian lab is the best language school I have experienced, because of their teachers ability to adapt to the students learning style, the high quality and the energy and motivational level they keep throughout the lessons. Also, the location of Russian lab is very convenient, the administrative part is kept flexible and easy. The premises […]

I have been learning at Russianlab from 2006, from my long experience I can confirm below points. 1.I am not always good student but Russianlab team is always good. 2.Univercity is not flexible in terms of time/date and type of class, but Russianlab can provide you wide range of lesson, for example, one-to-one lesson in […]

Conducting business in Russia without speaking Russian is tough. Even with the best translators it is very frustrating and a lot of time and meaning is lost in the process. Even Churchill found it frustrating during his meetings with Stalin. PiLog as a highly specialized international IT company operating in multiple languages has therefore found […]

Welcome to by far the warmest, the best and the most joyful Russian learning environment in Moscow. I had the chance to meet these wonderful people 1 and a half year ago. Amazingly I have enjoyed my each second spent in Russian Lab, though I did not miss my school years. If you want to […]

My company sent me to Russia for a couple of years to help developing our business. When I arrived in Moscow, I hardly spoke any Russian. In order to understand the Russian people and the country, I had to start learning Russian. Strangely, there are not so many language schools in Moscow where you can […]