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If you are planning to come to Moscow to study the Russian language then take advantage of staying in a Russian family, any travel arrangements (accommodation, transfer, visa support) can be easily organized. Please, contact us at

We offer you the choice of accommodation types that perfectly suit the needs of a language tourist, that is, Russian-speaking host families, flats or a hotel. “Russian-speaking host family” may either mean a husband and wife and their children or a landlady living alone.  All accommodation is inspected by the school accommodation officer. With this type of accommodation you get a separate room, but you share a bathroom and a kitchen with family members.

Location of host families

Moscow is a megapolis. Normally it takes 1 hour in average to get from one part of Moscow to another. People use the Metro as a principal means of transportation.  Please take into consideration that your way to school might take up to 1 hour, including the Metro.

Before arriving in Moscow, each student receives a short description of the type of accommodation and their host family. This includes details of the various interests of the family members and information about the house and its location. We suggest that you complete your accommodation arrangements several weeks before you arrive. This helps to ensure that you will be happy with your accommodation.


Meal times with your host family are valuable opportunities for you to practice your speaking and listening skills in Russian. The accommodation fee includes half board. This means breakfast and dinner at the homestay: two meals per day, seven days a week. The school offers hot tea and coffee throughout the day. Some students ask for special diets. These arrangements may be made if you ask us in advance of your arrival in Russia.

Apartment for rent

The school can place students to the independent flat. This type of self-catering accommodation is referred to as Apartment for rent. This option provides closer location, but it is more expensive.