Conducting business in Russia without speaking Russian is tough. Even with the best translators it is very frustrating and a lot of time and meaning is lost in the process. Even Churchill found it frustrating during his meetings with Stalin. PiLog as a highly specialized international IT company operating in multiple languages has therefore found it absolutely essential to train our Russian based expats in the Russian language. Our aim is to understand and speak the Russian language to improve our effectiveness in business meetings. To obtain a formal qualification in this, is not the primary goal.
Personally after several attempts using private teachers and resulting in limited success, we decided on RussianLab as a professional training facility. We needed professional tutoring in an environment that will make learning easy, but with sufficient flexibility to accommodate the absence from lessons due to business trips. Russian Lab does not only provide this, but we discovered a group of highly professional, yet very friendly and relaxed group of excellent teachers who are almost like family, yet always orientated towards the goal of getting us to speak Russian fluently. Not only are the classes conducted in a professional manner utilizing a great variety of teaching methods, but a great atmosphere is also created during coffee breaks for mingling with other students and RussianLab staff whilst encouraging the practical use of the Russian language. But beware, a RussianLab teacher will often intervene with a correction or two on the incorrect usage of grammar, or to help where our vocabulary is limited!
The flexibility to catch up on missed lessons, or some 1-1 lessons if needed is absolutely essential for business people with full schedules. The staff are always extremely helpful and respond fast with online help and assistance.
And of course, the great theme based parties has to be mentioned – all designed for us to practice Russian with the aid of some traditional Russian refreshments!