I have been learning at Russianlab from 2006, from my long experience I can confirm below points. 1.I am not always good student but Russianlab team is always good. 2.Univercity is not flexible in terms of time/date and type of class, but Russianlab can provide you wide range of lesson, for example, one-to-one lesson in the early morning of working day(not for me, I have no idea how Russianlab teachers can wake up ), group lesson on weekend etc. 3. Private tutors are not always professional and not good at improving educational method because they are individuals, but Russianlab is team, they have very professional specialists for teaching language to foreigners and they share the best practice and update the latest teaching method. 4. Russianlab has atmosphere of good friends, so you will not be lost alone, Russianlab team and your classmates will help you. For me Russianlab is very cozy place to learn, I think everybody can find its own advantage at Russianlab.