I’ve chosen RussianLab for a combination of reasons, which fits to my needs: – Starting Russian learning from zero, I was looking for a one to one training., – I needed to build basis as fast as possible, meaning with a minimum number of lessons, to be able to ask / to answer few simple questions initially, – I was as well looking for flexibility, my availability is quite hard to determine in advance, – Going to a training center is time consuming for me, that’s why having individual lessons directly in my hotel would have been a real plus. Considering this non exhaustive list, I have found, with RussianLab, a training center able to provide me lessons, time to time, fitting with my “last minute” schedule, supported by serious and motivated teachers. The training guide line is followed, adapted to my own progress, making it easier for an affordable price. This center definitely answer to all my requests, everything with a nice team and good mood! Let’s continue in that way!